GOLFTOOL sg3000 Unboxing and Installation

Unboxing and installation guide for SG3000 training tool.


Replacing or adjusting the hight of the ball

You can adjust the height of the ball on sg3000 to your preference.


Rope durability TIP

In case you notice any fraying on the rope, a few drops of super glue will prolong its durability.



Watch SG3000 perform in slow motion - 240 fps



GOLFTOOL PT2100 Unboxing

Unboxing and installation guide for PT2100 training tool.


GOLFTOOL pt2100 | Basic setup and practice

While the goal is to achieve sweet-spot precision consistency, it can be very helpful to occasionally integrate differential practice to achieve that ultimate objective. Differential practice means that instead of just targeting the sweet-spot over and over again (calibration), one tries to intentionally hit different locations on the clubface, like top, bottom, toe, and hill. This proved to be a very effective method for increasing club-face awareness and the ability to correct mistakes (off-center contacts) when they creep in.


GOLFTOOL PT2100 | Precise PIN practice

Short video from the eBook "Testing The Solar Sweetspot Training Method." It shows Rick Malm practicing with the PT2100 training tool.


Why is Impact Location so important?

Some established golf professionals about the importance of consistently hitting the ball with the sweet spot.

Sean Foley on importance of Impact Location precision

Sean Foley is a Canadian golf instructor, who has coached Sean O'Hair, Hunter Mahan, Stephen Ames, and Parker McLachlin, as well as other PGA Tour professionals. He has coached Justin Rose since the end of 2009. Foley also coaches Canadian PGA Tour player Chris Baryla. Foley began a partnership with Tiger Woods during the summer of 2010. Foley also became Noh Seung-yul's instructor in 2012, and Lee Westwood began working with Foley in the summer of 2013.


Use foot spray to find your sweet spot | GOLF.com

Brian Crowell demonstrates how a little foot spray can help you get a step ahead in flushing your irons.



PGA Professionals Piers Ward and Andy Proudman from Me and My Golf take a look at one of the most overlooked factors for missing the fairway with sliced and hooked golf shots.


Dave Pelz on importance of Impact location precision at short game

David T. Pelz is an American golf coach, known for his expertise and published writing on the art of the short game, particularly putting. Pelz was named by Golf Digest magazine as one of the 25 most influential instructors of the 20th Century. Between his students are Phil Mickelson, Colin Montgomerie, Payne Stewart, Vijay Singh, and many other top players.


Rick Shiels: It's so important where you hitting it on the clubface

Rick Shiels, Senior PGA Golf Coach at Trafford Golf Centre explains why the club face is bulged and how this helps you hit straighter golf shots and how important it is to hit the ball on the centre of the clubface.


Learning golf is a step-by-step process. One should start with the shape of the swing, than work on the solid impact - sweetspot precision, and finally strive for precision to the target. At TSSGolf we have specialized our focus to help golfers primarily with the second step, impact precision, which is the heart of the golf swing and the key for any further advancement.

We provide a training method described in our books and two training aids. Sg3000 is an universal and very practical training aid meant for golfers at any level, from casual recreational ones to most dedicated students. It is an excelent tool for the first two steps, namely for working on the swing shape, and, of course, for what we actually developed it, for practicing impact precision.

TSS Pin training aid and method is meant for dedicated and disciplined golfers. It is best used in combination with sg3000 as described in our video eBook.

— Ernest Dras

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