golftool sg3000
  • GOLFTOOL sg3000
  • GOLFTOOL sg3000
  • GOLFTOOL sg3000
  • GOLFTOOL sg3000
  • golftool sg3000


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SKU: GT_sg3000

The device is extremely strongly built and comes with face masking tape to measure the impact location precision. Real, standard weight Srixon range ball is used for authentic impact feel, there is no picking up the balls, no bending over to tee the ball, the ball comes back to its still position in ca. 5 sec., so absolutely no distraction when working on those crucial millimeters at impact location.

Unboxing and Installation


  • REAL, STANDARD WEIGHT GOLF BALL for authentic impact feel.
  • No picking up the balls: No distraction between practice shots. No need to bend over to tee the ball.
  • Comes with two balls/ropes, one for driver one for irons. The ball, after being hit, comes back into its initial stationary position in about 5 seconds.
  • Comes with Impact-masking tape, which makes it a perfect tool for sweet spot precision practice.
  • The ball, after being worn out, is easily replaceable. It hangs on a very high tensile strength climbing rope (330kg). Hand-made ball-rope fixture for max. durability.

What’s In The Package

  1. Metal frame
  2. Wooden plate
  3. Nuts/Washers - 6 pcs.
  4. 2 sets of 2 balls/ropes (for driver and for irons)
  5. Sandbag
  6. Impact-masking tape
  7. Hitting mat

* "Loop" carpet NOT included


Name: GOLFTOOL sg3000
Dimensions: L 480mm W 600mm H 520mm
Material: Metal frame; quality plywood base
Warranty: 12 months
Product: New

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