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Slow Practice Will Get You There Faster Link between Ben Hogans' mirror practice and his slow motion drillSlow Practice Will Get You There Faster: Link between Ben Hogans' mirror practice and his slow motion drill

by Ernest Dras

In this breakthrough manual, you will learn the way that many great masters and teachers in various disciplines recommend we learn things, the way they developed their amazing skill. It is astounding to discover that, at root, they all eventually excelled in their art using the same approach, and this has been used for centuries in martial arts, in fencing, and, in the post-modern era, in a variety of sports. It is known as the slow motion practice method, and we find it used by virtually all great performers in the world of pianists, violinists, guitarists, and other musicians.

In golf, Ben Hogan exemplified an outstanding example of this method, but he kept it hidden from almost everyone. Slow motion practice was more or less unknown in golf until recently, when some very rare and safeguarded footage of him appeared on the INTERNET demonstrating the technique. In his books, he spoke about swinging in front of a mirror (without a ball) in order to shape the correct form of the swing. However, in the truest sense of the term, he never spoke about the slow motion practice as presented in these videos. However, it is very difficult for a serious golfer to take advantage of this method unless he or she has it explained along with access to directly implement the technique. This is what my book and invention provide to the international golfing public for the first time.

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The best players in the world all have different swings. Upright, flat, quick, smooth, simple, complex... no two great swings are alike. The reason they are the best players is because they hit the Sweet Spots and hit their targets... not because they have “perfect swings”. It is the Effectiveness of your swing that matters not the Style.

Geoff Graig, PGA

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