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Learning golf is a step-by-step process. One should start with the shape of the swing, then work on the solid impact - sweet spot precision, and finally, strive for precision to the target. At TSSGOLF (TheSolarSweetspotTM Golf), we have specialized our focus to helping golfers primarily with the second step, impact precision, which is the heart of the golf swing and the key to any further advancement.

We provide a training method described in our books and two training aids. Sg3000 is a practice tool meant for golfers at any level, from casual recreational ones to the most dedicated students. It is excellent for the first two steps, namely for working on the swing shape, and, of course, for what we actually developed it, for practicing impact precision.

TSS Pin training aid and method is preliminary meant for very dedicated and disciplined golfers. It is best used in combination with sg3000 as described in our video eBook.

For our practice tools, we secured the following patents: US8801528 and US7833109

—Ernest Dras, CEO


The operation contains development and marketing of TSSGOLF sports training aids.

The investment is co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union under the Cohesion Fund/European Regional Development Fund/European Social Fund or in the case of two or more funds under the European Structural and Investment Funds.

Our Timeline



In 2010, Rick Malm (SSCGolfSwing) was impressed with Ernest Dras's book and contacted him if he would be willing to guide him through the training process described in:

Slow Practice


Training process with Rick Malm

Sweet spot precision practice requires hundreds and thousands of shots, so we began to look for some practice tool that would allow successive hits without distractions and would make the process easier.

groovergrooverweek 7 swin groower plain2 day of 150 pp swings


Upgrading an existing idea

The existing devices were just not good enough, so we began to upgrade the "ball on the rope" idea. We wanted a real golf ball and as less distraction as possible between practice shots.



PATENT Granted

In 2012 we filed a patent application with the USPTO, protecting the new design and functions of our practice tool. It took two years for the patent to become granted: US8801528

patent timeline


Finally a working version

Finally, after a ton of testing and innumerable balls hit, we came to a working version of the "groover." It paid off as it proved to be irreplaceable in the Sweet spot improvement training process. Here are the results: eBook preview



EU development fund

In April 2016 we registered a company (TSSGOLF LLC) and later, in the same year, acquired financial help from EUROPEAN UNION development fund. This enabled us to start preparing the production line.

EU development


New design - GOLFTOOL sg3000

In 2017 we started to work with a talented young visual designer Marko Damis from Wild agency, who created a new brand identity and helped us to visually re-design our main product - sg3000.


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