About Us

Learning golf is a step by step process. One should start with the shape of the swing, than work on the solid impact - sweetspot precision, and finally strive for precision to the target. We at The Solar Sweetspot Golf have specialized our focus to help golfers with the second step, impact precision, which is the heart of the golf swing and the key for any further advancement.

We provide a training method described in our books and two training aids. TSS Golf Groover is an universal and very practical training aid meant for golfers at any level, from casual recreational ones to most dedicated students. It is an excelent tool for the first two steps, namely for working on the swing shape, and, of course, for what we actually developed it, for practicing impact precision.

TSS Pin training aid and method is meant only for dedicated and disciplined golfers. It is best used in combination with TSS Golf Groover as described in our video eBook.

— Ernest Dras


The operation contains development and marketing of TSSGOLF sports training aids.

The investment is co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union under the Cohesion Fund/European Regional Development Fund/European Social Fund or in the case of two or more funds under the European Structural and Investment Funds.


ErnestErnest spent his youth as an accomplished tennis player in the tournament circuit and latter as tennis trainer. After years of experiences with former tennis trainers, he became disillusioned with their conventional methods of training. Later, after years of study from various sources while he was tennis instructor himself, he received clear insights into effective training techniques. About fifteen years ago, on the basis of these insights, he created a training method, which he transferred to golf. This technique is actually even more suitable to the game of golf and is described in his book, "Slow Practice Will Get You There Faster: Link between Ben Hogans' mirror practice and his slow motion drill."