In combination with Dr. Scholl's Foot Spray or Impact-masking tape, PERFECT for practising the most important (and the most difficult to master) basic of golf swing—Sweet Spot precision.



  • REAL, STANDARD WEIGHT GOLF BALL for authentic impact feel.
  • No picking up the balls: No distraction between practice shots.
  • The ball, after being hit, comes back into its initial still position in about 5 seconds.

  • Determine the initial ball flight direction by the way it bounces from the rubber stop.

  • Comes with two balls/ropes, one for driver one for irons.


Importance of Impact Location Precision

It is easy to overlook a basic element of your golf swing that can help you gain distance and accuracy perhaps more significantly than anything else: hitting the ball in the center of the club face.

At GolfWRX (Tom Stickney), they have done some impact testing. Here's what a Tour player's striking pattern looked like after 10 shots. Compare that to the impact dispersion after only 5 shots from the 15-handicap golfer he tested.

Golf Digest did a study on the effect of missing the sweetspot when swinging at 100 mph. Here are their results:

  • Center Hit: 258 yards
  • 1/2 inch off center: 243 yards
  • 3/4 inch off center: 237 yards
  • 1 inch off center: 227 yards


Created For Our Own Needs

While testing the sweet spot precision training metod we started to look for a training aid that would allow continuous hits with as less distraction as possible. There was nothing available that would satisfy our needs so we began to upgrade an already existing idea—a ball hanging on a rope.

Rock solid

Our aim was to build a robust, reliable device, and now, after years of development and testing, the device is extremely strongly build and rock solid.

The rubber stopping member above the shaft prevents the ball from rotating about the axis and causes the ball to quickly return to its initial still position.


Real golf ball

Sg3000 is the only groover on the market that uses A REAL, STANDARD WEIGHT GOLF BALL (45g) for authentic impact feel.

The ball hangs on a very high tensile strength climbing rope (330kg).




Device Installation

It can be set up anywhere you have enough space for a full swing—spare room, garage, terrace or backyard.


  • "It's an absolute must"

    The Groover is definitely the best device because it gives a golfer the chance to work on making actual changes to the golf swing without worrying about the ball flight. At the same time, you do develop feedback on how well the ball was struck. It's an absolute must in my personal training as well as my students.

    Richard Amoroso - West Chester
  • "Great for practicing impact!"

    It is a great tool to use in the backyard to practice getting your swing to the correct positions, especially at the most important place: impact!

    Jim Puterbaugh - Portland
  • "Good product"

    Doug Shannon - Houston
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